Preventative Health Care

Prevention is better than cure, and your pet’s health and well-being is no exception. At Grey Abbey we recommend that your pet receive a check-up at least once per year or more frequently as they get older, or if they have special medical needs.


Regular visits to the vet play a huge part in the “prevention is better than cure” approach and are critical to preventing illness and identifying any newly emerging problems before they become serious.Apart from detecting any subtle changes in your pet’s physical health, annual vet checks give us an opportunity to get your pet’s vaccinations and parasite control up to date, check your pet’s weight and teeth, and address any issues that may be worrying you.


The information here may help answer some questions you have regarding the ongoing husbandry and care your pet may require, if you have any questions or require further information don’t hesitate to contact Grey Abbey on 045 522 390

Cat Vaccinations

Dog Vaccinations


Why does my dogs breath smell?

Looking after wild birds

Ear Mites

Nail Clipping

Small Animal Environments

Keeping Your Pet Well

Pet Insurance

Harvest Mites

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