Parvo Virus


Parvo Virus is a very serious viral infection that affects dogs. It is an infection we see most often in puppies but can affect dogs of any age. If an animal becomes sick with Parvo the signs that we see are: initially lack of appetite, a bit quiet and off colour; vomiting and diarrhoea often with large amounts of blood follow shortly after; the dog then becomes very dull, and can end up in a nearly collapsed state.


Parvo Virus affects the rapidly developing new & replacement cells that line the intestine. These have a greater rate of development in a young dog, hence why the increased risk. The damage to the intestine leads to the large amount of vomiting and diarrhoea. The Damaged bowl wall becomes ‘leaky’ allowing bleeding in to it. Blood is not the only thing that leaks out, nutrients, proteins, salts & sugars leak out of the circulation in to the bowl as well. This means that the things required to keep the dog alive are in affect escaping out if the animal. The other big problem is the ‘friendly’ bacteria that live in the guts normally can get in to the circulation. These bacteria can cause additional infections elsewhere in the dog increasing the severity of disease.


Treatment of Parvo Virus involves hospitalisation and aggressive therapy to replace any fluids and nutrients lost, to support the dog while it fights the virus. Antibiotics are given to try to fight any bacteria that make their way in to the circulation.


If you suspect your dog has Parvo Virus you should contact Grey Abbey as soon as possible as early treatment improves the chances of survival. Prevention is always better that cure Parvo can be prevented by vaccination. This is always advsied for new puppies and topped up with a yearly booster. For further information contact Grey Abbey on 045 522 390 for more information



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